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Workers’ compensation insurance is a type of business insurance that helps businesses provide income and medical benefits to employees who have been injured on the job. In most states, employers are required by law to have workers’ compensation coverage. However, if you do live in a state that does not require it, it would be worth talking to one of our experts to decide if it is still protection you may want to have in place.

If someone gets injured while on the job, the workers compensation policy is there to help pay for lost wages and medical costs associated with the employee’s job-related injury. For the injured employee, workers’ compensation allows them to continue to be able to pay their bills while they focus on getting healthy and back to work. For employers, workers’ compensation insurance companies can provide assistance and guidance to help keep your employees safe and minimize financial risk if an injury occurs.

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What Are Some Of The Specific Benefits Workers Compensation Can Include In California?

Medical Care to help you recover from the injury or illness that happened at work. This includes doctor visits, tests, prescription drugs, durable medical equipment, and some travel costs necessary to treat your injury and facilitate your recovery.

Payments if you have lost wages because your work-related injury prevents you from doing your job.

Permanent Disability Benefits if you won’t recover completely and your injury causes a permanent loss of physical or mental function as attested to by a physician.

Assistance to help pay for retraining or skill enhancement if you are eligible to receive permanent disability benefits, your employer doesn’t offer you work, and you don’t return to work for your employer. This benefit is available for workers injured in 2004 or later. If your injury also occurred in 2013 or later and you received a Supplemental Job Displacement Benefit, you may also be eligible for an additional, one-time payment under the Return-to-Work Supplement Program.


Death Benefits payable to your spouse, children, or other dependents if you die from a job-related injury or illness.

Our Experienced Workers Compensation Experts can provide you with options designed to meet the needs of your unique situation and business needs. Having this insurance in place with a reputable insurance company will allow you to run your business without worrying about how accidents beyond your control could impact your employees or business operations.

Learn More About Workers’ Compensation Insurance | California Law and More

If you’re wondering whether you need a workers’ compensation insurance policy, what the law in California has to say, and more, you can find the answers in the Q&A section below.

Is this type of insurance required by law in California?

Each state establishes its own rules for workers’ compensation. The majority of states require that all employers obtain it as soon as they recruit their first worker, and California is no different. The only states that allow businesses to choose whether or not to obtain workers’ compensation are South Dakota and Texas.

Employers in California can obtain a workers’ compensation insurance from a reliable insurer, such as S Philips Surety & Insurance Services, or a self-insured workers’ compensation bond by receiving a certificate from the California Department of Industrial Relations (DIR).

Contact us today to learn more about the workers’ compensation law in California that applies to workers’ compensation insurance for contractors.

What will workers' compensation insurance cost?

The cost of obtaining workers’ compensation insurance will depend on a variety of factors. This includes the number of staff members on your team, the type of work they do, the industry you’re in, and your claims history. We will take these variables into account when estimating occupational risk and calculating premiums.

To learn more about the cost, you will need to talk to us for a more accurate estimate.

How can an employee access their workers' compensation benefits?

Workers should seek medical assistance as needed and inform their employer promptly if they become unwell or injured at work.

The workers’ compensation claim process must be initiated by providing accurate information and according to the established reporting requirements. You will need to go through the workers’ comp policy to determine the process that must be followed or turn to us for assistance.

Do I need to obtain nanny workers' compensation insurance?

In California, you are typically required to offer workers’ compensation insurance coverage if you hire a nanny. According to California law, domestic workers, including nannies, are considered to be employees and must receive workers’ compensation benefits from their employers.

Suppose you pay your nanny more than a certain minimum amount or work with them for more than an established number of hours per week. In that case, you must comply with this rule.

In the event that your nanny suffers injuries or illnesses at work, having a workers bond for her will help to protect both you, the employer, and the nanny. It offers protection for medical bills, disability benefits, and additional associated allegations.

What are the consequences of not having workers' compensation insurance?

Running a business or employing people without the necessary workers’ compensation insurance can have negative legal repercussions, including fines, penalties, and possible employer liability. Workers might still be qualified to seek compensation through other channels, like personal injury litigation.

Should I choose a bond company for my workers' compensation insurance or follow the self-insurance program?

Whether you’re pursuing workers’ compensation insurance for security companies or a trucking company, you have two options: approach a surety company or self-insure. Ultimately, the option you choose will depend on your preferences. However, there are a few factors to consider when making your choice:

  • An insurance carrier will streamline the process to ensure that your policy is administrated well. The company will also handle the claims process and ensure that you remain compliant.
  • There is predictability in terms of cost, as the price you pay is predetermined.
  • Unlike a self-insurer, you will transfer the risk associated with having to pay medical expenses and more that are above the bond amount to the insurance company.
  • There are also certain requirements that must be met to guarantee payments when you self-insure.

This is why we recommend obtaining workers’ compensation insurance for trucking companies from us. We will work with you from start to finish to ensure that your needs are met.

Do you still have questions that we haven’t addressed in this FAQ section? Please get in touch with us, and our professional and experienced team will offer expert guidance to ensure that you are never in the dark when it comes to workers’ comp insurance.

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