Instant Issue Bonds

No underwriting, No credit check, No credit, No problem

This new program is so easy for purchasing an Instant Issue Bond, just properly complete application and send in with payment and you will receive the bond. That’s it! Premium for these bonds are very low!!!

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Example Bonds:


Oregon Highway Use Tax Bonds (up to $5,000)


ERISA Bond Qualified & Non-Qualified

Maximum Premium $450. Bond Amount is 10% of plan. Maximum Bond Amount $500,000 or 10% of 5-million.

Care Facility Bonds (up to $5,000)


Pest Control Bonds (California)

$12,500 Premium, $250/annual

Insurance Broker Bonds ($100 for 3 years coverage)


Fidelity Bonds/Employee Dishonesty Bonds up to $100,000


Oregon Contractors License Bond

(1% of premium of bond amount. Ex: $20,000 bond, premium $200)

FAQs About Instant Issue Bonds

We want you to feel comfortable working with our surety bond company and realize you may still have questions. Our FAQ section below will help you understand more about our business and what we do. Let’s learn more!

What's An Instant Issue Bond?
Instant-issue bonds require no credit check to determine the premium because they’re issued at the same price to everyone. The underwriting step is taken out, which means you get a quote quickly and are already approved for the set price the surety company offers.
Can I Get Surety Bonds with Bad Credit?
Bad credit applicants are welcome at S Philips Surety and Insurance! We don’t usually require personal financial statements, tax returns, and business financial statements to process an application.

Surety bonds requiring underwriting consideration have to go through a longer process than our instant-issue bonds. Our team performs a soft credit check to see where you stand credit-wise. However, don’t worry if your credit is bad.

Your credit check tells us what market you’ll fall into and whether you require more documentation. If you can get an instant-issue bond, you won’t need to send business/personal financial statements. However, bad credit applicants may require them to supplement the credit report and help us get a clear picture of their needs.

Overall, bad credit surety bonds vary significantly by bond type and your state. We offer the lowest rates to our customers, but it might not be instantaneous. Likewise, the price you pay might be higher than most bonds.

What's a Surety Bond and Why is It Important?
A surety bond is the promise to be held liable for a default, debt, or failure of another. It’s a three-party contract. The surety will guarantee the obligation or performance of the principal to the obligee.

Many industries like the idea of surety bonds because they’re good for business. However, it’s often a confusing aspect of the process. Still, surety bonds instill trust in the company to make it appear more reputable. In most cases, you’ll also remain compliant under the governing body or law of your industry.

is S Philips Surety Also An Insurance Agency?

As our full name suggests, we offer surety bonds and insurance agency services to our customers and have the lowest rates around.

If you need a surety bond, we can help you with these options:

  • License, permit, and miscellaneous guarantee bonds
  • Dishonesty and fidelity bonds
  • Non-standard auto insurance (California)
  • Omission and errors insurance
  • Grading, subdivision, and maintenance bonds
  • Officers’ and directors’ insurance
  • Performance bonds
  • Court bonds
  • Lost document bonds
  • Contractor license bonds

Our insurance products include:

  • Commercial property insurance
  • Commercial auto insurance
  • General liability policies
  • Workers’ compensation insurance

If you need a surety bond, it’s wise to contact us. Most bonds are instant issue, which means you don’t need a credit check. Simply fill out the online form to see your payment information, knowing you’re getting the lowest rates.

However, if you need other bonds not part of the instant issue option, you will need the assistance of an agent.

Is There a Surety Bond for Freight Brokers?
Most bonds focus on a specific industry, allowing you to get the money paid back if someone defaults somewhere. The process is simple, regardless of the surety bond you request.

Freight brokers do have specific surety bonds they must get. In fact, the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) requires freight forwarders and brokers to file for a Freight Broker Bond or a trust fund agreement. We can help your business get bonded!

How Do I Apply for a Surety Bond?
It’s easy to get bonded and protect your funds. The first step is to choose your state to see which bonds are available. For example, Arizona offers multiple options. Once you know what we offer in that state, scroll down to the quick quote form.

Enter your first name, last name, email address, and phone number. Make sure you tell us if you’re an agent or not, and then click on the “get quote” button. Obtain your quote within a few minutes if it’s instant issue. Otherwise, you may have to wait a few days.

Once you’ve received your quote and decided to choose us, you can pay by ACH or credit card. It’s easier to set up an account at this time. Once we receive the payment, we issue the bond. You print it out, and you’re fully bonded up to the amount we pre-determine.

This is a confusing process for some, and we want everyone to get the surety bond they need. Therefore, you may contact us for assistance if you need help at any point in the process.

What Are Some Examples of Instant Issue Bond Options?
  • Oregon Highway Use Tax Bonds
  • Insurance Broker Bonds
  • Care Facility Bonds
  • ERISA Bonds

ERISA bonds reimburse pension plans if the employees steal from them. These bonds require the employer to carry coverage of 10 percent for the funds handled. There’s a maximum premium of $450, and the bond amount is 10 percent of $5 million or $500,000.

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