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Auto Dealer Bonds are guarantees that protect your customers. Should you break the rules, your clients can make claims against your bond which you’re responsible to pay. For example, if you sell a vehicle with invalid tags, a claim can be made.

Types of Auto Dealer Bonds

There are a few different types of auto dealer bonds that can be required depending on which state you’d like to conduct business in, and they type of vehicles you want to sell. Some of the most common types include: New auto dealer bond; Used auto dealer bond and Mobile home dealer bond.

Each state has its own requirements for Auto Dealer Bonds. Our experienced staff can make sure that you’re meeting all of your state’s requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Auto Dealer Bond

There’s nothing better than the peace of mind that comes with knowing your business and customers are protected. All motor vehicle dealers must follow state regulations as well as take as many precautions as possible to avoid losing money over a claim.

Car dealer bonds allow you to conduct business without any problems. Depending on the state you live in, you can get a solution that takes care of your customers the right way, avoiding claims in the future.

If you want to learn more about our auto dealer bond services, keep reading this FAQ section. We gathered the most common concerns our clients have regarding the topic and solved them below.

Do I Need a Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond?
It depends on what your goals are. Private sellers who want to list one car won’t need to get a bond. It’s possible to post your car and sell it without legal issues.

A motor vehicle dealer surety bond is for people who plan to sell a particular number of vehicles registered to their names (although it can also apply to those planning on selling cars that aren’t registered to them). The number of cars required will vary from state to state, although you can expect it to be three to four vehicles.
If you’re planning on buying vehicles to sell them for a profit later, you will also need a surety bond in many states. Even if the vehicles aren’t registered to your name, you will probably need auto dealer bond cover.

The best way to know if you need a surety company to help you apply for a bond is to check the DMV’s website and check your state’s requirements. In most cases, however, auto dealers will need to get a bond before applying for a motor vehicle dealer license.

What's the Average Auto Dealer Bond Cost?
It’s complicated to provide an accurate average, as the cost depends on the state, the type of bond you’re applying for, and other factors.

Typically, your bond will cost a percentage of the bond amount required in your state. If you have a good credit score, for example, you could be offered the market rate by the surety company, which could save you some money.

The market rate, most of the time, tends to be 1%, although it could go as high as 10% or as low as 0.5%. Remember that this percentage can vary depending on your circumstances.

How Do I Know Which Type of Car Dealer Bond I Need?
You would have to evaluate the type of business you’re dealing with. Usually, you will pick one of the following:

  • New auto dealer bond
  • Used auto dealer bond
  • Wholesale dealership bond
  • Mobile home dealer bond

If you’re not sure of which option to go for, don’t worry. Feel free to ask our team for more information, and we’ll gladly help you get to the right solution.

What Happens If I Don't Get an Auto Dealer Surety Bond?
In most cases, it’s illegal to sell more than one or two vehicles without a bond or license. Even if you’re dealing with used cars, not having a used auto dealer bond could lead to legal problems in the future, such as the revocation of your license or lawsuits.

However, getting auto dealer bond insurance isn’t only useful for applying to get a license. When you get a new or used car dealer bond, you protect yourself and your customers.

If one of your customers sues your dealership for fraud or other related problems, your bond can help you pay for certain expenses. Otherwise, you would be paying out of pocket if the government rules in the customer’s favor.

Some common issues that could lead to a claim include:

  • Not paying taxes or miscellaneous fees
  • Not honoring warranties
  • Failing to report sales
  • Making fraudulent car title transfers
  • Illegally re-adjusting the odometer of a used car
  • Not following local licensing law
  • Providing false information about the vehicles to customers

In any case, it’s always better to be safe and talk to auto dealer bond companies before it’s too late. When you get a bond, you’re telling your customers that your company complies with ethical business practices and industry regulations, which can also help you make your brand more trustworthy.

Can I Get an Auto Dealer Bond with a Poor Credit Score?
Yes, you can get a bond even if you have bad credit. Our team can help you find reasonable options regardless of what you’re working with. However, keep in mind that poor credit scores will likely lead to a higher bond premium.

We suggest you try your best to get your score higher before applying, as this could lead you to more bond options and lower rates. If you can’t, we can still work together to find something suitable for your needs.

Is Applying for Motor Vehicle Dealer Bonds Complicated?
Not at all! The first thing you need to do is check your eligibility. You will need to have the following documents ready before asking:

  • Legal name of the car dealership
  • DBA (if applicable)
  • Phone number and address of the dealership
  • Personal information about the owner (social security number, address, and name)
  • Number of years in business

Keep in mind you may also need to provide financial statements from your business if you want to apply for large bond amounts. The amount is usually $50,000 or higher.

Regardless of the license you’re applying for, you must show that you have enough working capital to ensure your business can run smoothly. Otherwise, you can expect fewer bond options and higher premiums.

All you have to do to get started with us is to fill out our contact form. Once you’re done, one of our agents will get in contact with you shortly. On the other hand, if you want to get started with the application process, you can call the underwriter at 1-818-715-7133.

I Got My Car Dealer Surety Bond: How Do I Avoid Claims?
Getting a bond doesn’t mean you’re out of trouble. You want to ensure you’re as far away from legal problems as possible at all times.
The best way to avoid claims is to follow proper business practices and comply with local regulations. These practices include:

  • Pay your taxes and fees when they’re due.
  • Don’t try any illegal selling practices.
  • Transfer vehicle titles correctly.
  • Don’t commit any act of fraud.
  • Honor your warranty agreement.

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